World Championship Wrestling Comic October 1992

From The WCW Worldwide Blog, I’m just going to quote what Bryan says about this WCW Marvel comic and Johnny B. Badd:

Marvel UK’s WCW: World Championship Wrestling #4 Cover [1992]

Everytime I see a magazine or comic cover with Johnny B. Badd, I can’t help but to laugh at some story shared with me over on Twitter. While this fan was reading his WCW Magazine on the bus as a child, a stranger attempted to shame his Mom for allowing her son to read such “filth”.

She looks down at the magazine and there’s a full page spread of Badd with the text “I’M SO PRETTY”!

WCW Marvel Comic Johnny B. Badd pinup poster

Poor, poor Marc Mero. The things some people will do to make it in the wrestling business…

I hope all you Crappers have a very Merry Christmas!

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