WCW Logo Baseball Cap

Celebrate (?) the short-lived WWE version of WCW (and of course The Invasion!) with this WCW logo baseball cap I found on eBay.

Well, WWE’s WCW logo is slightly less ugly, and way easier to read than the hideous final logo WCW had before the buyout…

WCW Logo New Slide

I’ll say that much for it.

But it’s also just as pointy as the previous logo- extra pointy for your pleasure (ouch!).

I’ll let you Crappers decide if that’s a positive or negative.

Still, do you really want to walk around reminding people of how terrible The Invasion angle turned out?

The Invasion won The Gooker Award in 2001 for a reason, you know.

Are you that desperate to protect your head and eyes from the sun?

Wouldn’t you rather risk severe sunburn and possibly going blind rather than be seen by other people wearing this hat?

Think about it, won’t you?

This has been a Public Service Announcement from T.S.W.S.T.O.Y.H.F (“The Stop Wearing Stupid Things On Your Head Foundation”).

Thank you.

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