Place The Sweatband On John Cena Game

Crapper Drew wrote:

During my most recent trip to the grocery/party supply store, I happened upon this priceless collectible. I’m actually shocked I found it at all, because I was wearing my official WWE blindfold at the time- and the sweatband that I’m compelled to carry on my person at all times, just in case (normal people do this, right?…) somehow ended up on the left ear of a Disney snowman on a paper plate, so I won’t be placing any monetary bets on my performances in this game any time soon.

WWE John Cena Pin The Tail On The Donkey Sweatband game

They didn’t have a “Kevin Nash Hamstring Twister” mat or a “Great Khali Dance Contest” CD in stock at the time, but who needs them? For generations upon generations children have enjoyed the timeless party game of “Pin the Sweatband On John Cena”.


Okay, this would be a lot of fun if I was either:

A). 7 years old.


B). As part of an elaborate Drinking Game Olympics.

Great find, Drew!

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