WCW 2001 Calendar

WCW 2001 Calendar

You could almost subtitle┬áthis SBT “Countdown To Extinction”.

Here’s are a WCW 2001 Wall Calendar and a 2001 Cube Calendar. Bryan over at WCWWorldwide.com has scanned the whole calendar.

WCW 2001 cube calendar WCW 2001 Cube Calendar 2

Fouad, you wanna handle this one?


HEY! You’re not Fouad!

You can’t fool me, you indecisive rocker!

Get outta here!

Ah, there he is!

Family Guy Fouad laughing

“OH HO HO! IS FUNNY BECAUSE WCW’S TIME WAS RUNNING OUT BY 2001 and they did not last 4 months into the year! OH HO HO HO!!!!”

Thanks, buddy.

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