Wacky Wrestling Trading Cards

Wacky Wrestling Trading Card #13 featuring Hulk Hogan

I found a set of Wacky Wrestling trading cards on this Wrestling Card Collecting website and they are pretty interesting to say the least!

They’re unlicensed cards made by Topps (yes, them) and released in Ireland in 1993. They feature pictures taken at WWF and WCW house shows over several years with funny cartoon speech bubbles added.

Nowhere on the cards does it mention any wrestling federations, or any wrestlers names (real or gimmick names).

Some of the jokes are funnier than others and some of them use references that you’d only understand if you live in Ireland (I guess) so they’re kind of hit and miss but check out the whole series and see which ones you like the best.

I have to give them points for creativity here at the very least!

Wacky Wrestling Card 2 Wacky Wrestling Card 3 Wacky Wrestling Card 4Wacky Wrestling Cards 5

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