Ahmed Johnson STOMP Action Figure

This is an Ahmed Johnson figure from the S.T.O.M.P line where wrestlers had secret jobs as… spies? Secret Agents?

I don’t know what Ahmed is really supposed to be, here.

With the club (?) and the chainsaw (!) he kind of looks like a deranged farmer.

Ahmed Johnson S.T.O.M.P farmer figure loose

All right, everybody sing along! “Old McJohnson had a farm… BOZO SOUP AND STARS!”

If I got this figure, or really any of the figures in this S.T.O.M.P line, I would be very confused as to how I was supposed to play with them.

It’s not like they’re based on an animated series with established characters or storylines or anything (uh well, beyond the wrestling characters themselves).

Also, the figure doesn’t really look much like Ahmed Johnson to begin with…

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