Vader Head

From loyal Crapper Richard Gallen: “Check out this ebay auction.”

RD: And I quote:

“WCW (World Championship Wrestling) HERO HEADSLIVE SIZED!!!! (I’m not joking!) BIG VAN VADER (By The Original San Francisco Toymakers) EUROPEAN EXCLUSIVEMINT IN BOX – RARE Bob’ em and Bonk’em – Soft Foam Head Boppers!!!


Here we have an extremely rare WCW item. It is an EXTREMELY RARE AND UNIQUE BIG VAN VADER ITEM!!! The LIFE-SIZED HERO HEAD. Yes… I said LIVE-SIZED. It’s the same size as an actual head! This extremely rare set was released way back in 1994. It was not sold within the United States.

I’ve been collecting wrestling figures for a LONG TIME, and I must say that this is one of my all-time favorite items. The head is made of a foam material, VERY similar to a Nerf football. It also comes with a handle so you can wack your friends with it!”

Anyone up for a game of Vader Nerf Football? I know I am.

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