Unreleased WCW Action Figures

Today’s entry is a bit of a cheat because… well… nobody bought this!

Let me explain.

The owner of the WCW Worldwide blog found a collector’s guide to WCW figures and toys (click on that link for his blog entry about it with sample pages).

One of the sections in the guide covers unreleased WCW toys (that’s the image above).

The toys that really caught my attention on the page are the WCW Nitro Girls dolls.

Who on earth were those supposed to appeal to?

Girls wouldn’t be interested in them because for the most part, little girls don’t watch wrestling and only want fashion dolls like Barbie.

Guys wouldn’t be interested in them because they aren’t wrestlers and you can’t really “play” with them unless you want to:

A). Make them dance (YAWN!)


B). Have them wrestle each other (?) or get beat down by one of the male wrestlers (!).

Is it any wonder these never made it to stores?

Check out some of the other weird figures on that page like the Cyborg Assortment!

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