Ultimate Warrior Satin Jacket

“Paying too much for a satin wrestling jacket doesn’t make the world work!!!”

I just love the over-the-top quality of the artwork on the back of this thing.

You will recall that this is the jacket The Ultimate Warrior was wearing when the evil black goo started coming out of his head thanks to Papa Shango’s voodoo curse.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the jacket was simply used as a convenient way to hide plastic tubing, a pump, and a bag of black goo because I just won’t hear of it.

I wonder if dry-cleaning can get evil black goo out of satin?

There was also a Hulk Hogan version, but it was severely lacking in Destrucity.

Image courtesy of this Bleacher Report article on WWF Merchandise (check it out to see a bunch of other cool old school merchandise).

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