Turning Face Novel

Crapper Little Louie P (The Doctor of Style) writes:

“Turning Face” by Terry West bills itself as “a tale of horror, comedy and wrestling”. Kevin Sullivan played a devil worshipper in real life, but this book’s wrestler is an actual devil who lives on earth and works as a heel “to inspire hatred in people.” But he hits a snag when the fans start cheering him as an antihero.

A Someone Bought This that readers may actually like, if their literary tastes run that way! Haven’t read it ’cause it’s not my bag, but I have to give West points for creativity!

The Church Lady Could It Be Satan

Wow! I have to admit that is a pretty creative plot.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good book and this really isn’t my kind of book either but if you buy the book through the link you help support the site, Crappers!

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