Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth Wedding Photos

Crappers, we need your help with those photos!

ZeeDeevel7 sent in this set of promotional photos from the “wedding” of The Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth from SummerSlam 91.

Boy, they really went all out in promoting this “wedding”, didn’t they?

He does not know where they came from or how he got them. Does anyone know where they might have come from? Were they sold in WWF catalogs? Were they given to the press to promote the home video release of SummerSlam ’91?

Do any of you Crappers have these photos? If so, how did you get them? Or have you ever seen them before?

Here are the rest of the photos. Click on each photo to view the full sized version.

savage wedding002 savage wedding003 savage wedding004 savage wedding005

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