Trading Cards

From Fellow Crapper Jonathan Cochran: “I happened to be cleaning out some old stuff in my attic and I stumbled upon these. To my surprise they are the only ones I found. I guess I thought that since Tommy Rich was a former world champion, El Gigante would turn out to be the big mega-star he is today, and Dutch Mantell was a desperado (remember them?), they would be worth a lot of money. I was disappointed and hurt when a card dealer told me they were worthless and proceeded to laugh at me. Oh well, maybe not worth anything in price value, but I’m sure they are valuable enough to get a laugh from you and your readers.”

RD: Hey, I’ll trade you a Lanny Poffo WWF rookie card for that El Gigante.

Nah, on second thought, I won’t. Lanny rules.

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