Tekno Team 2000 Trading Card

I was browsing through the awesome Wrestling Trading Cards database site and I came across this gem.

From a 1995 WWF Magazine comes this Tekno Team 2000 trading card.

I love that they got their own trading card despite only being in the WWF for like 4 months and doing absolutely nothing of note in that time.

Tekno Team 2000 were a part of The New Generation- a misguided effort by the WWF to dump a bunch of new talent on us with bad gimmick that nobody could care about.

And speaking of The New Generation… Look! The freaking New Generation logo even got it’s own trading card!

WWF New Generation trading card WWF Magazine

Boy, oh boy! I bet that one was in high demand amongst the 10 year olds!

The best part is that these trading cards weren’t included in the newsstand version of the magazine- you had to subscribe to get these babies!

They’re a perfect example of pure, unadulterated WrestleCrap!

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