Steve Austin Necktie

Now is your chance to own this Stone Cold Steve Austin necktie!

It comes complete with “Stone Cold” logo, “Whoop-Ass 101” (I hear Nathaniel did surprisingly well in that class), and for reasons that escape me; random dots in case Pac-Man comes around and wants a light snack.

Let’s take a closer look…

Stone Cold Steve Austin necktie 2

What I really want to know is where on earth would you wear this thing?

You probably wouldn’t wear it to work, right?

You wouldn’t even wear it on Wacky Tie Wednesday because it’s less “funny” and moreso just embarrassing. Everyone would ask you what “Stone Cold” and “Whoop-Ass 101” meant and you’d just feel like a complete idiot and people would think you’re even weirder.

You wouldn’t wear it to a WWE event because you’re more likely to dress casually for those.

Would you wear it to your Great Aunt Rose’s funeral?

That would be sure to get people talking…

Talking about what a total putz you are, that is!

Thanks to my buddy Micah (who is most certainly not a putz, although he is a nerd) for finding this very um… special necktie.

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