Snitsky No Babies Sign

From Fellow Crapper Nick C.: “I hope this can reassure anyone who bought something silly. I hope this even makes you and Blade feel better about spending $200 on Katie Vick’s cheerleader outfit. I spent $195 on this.

Perhaps the highlight is the Certificate of Authenticity:

This is a 100% authentic babykiller sign. Not a replica baby killer sign, but the real deal…pardon the pun.

There is one thing that scares me about this item, though. The baby on the sign appears to have a nice Gorbachev-esqe birthmark on his forehead and arm.

This item actually makes me appreciate Nick Dinsmore’s acting skills. After all, it takes talent to stay in character and sell getting hit with a giant piece of styrofoam.”

RD: $195? For that much coin, Snitsky should actually come over and perform an abortion on a patient (victim?) of your choosing.

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