Slam Society Fan Club CD-ROM

Crappers, this one is so obscure that I can’t even find an image of it, so you’ll have to settle for the horribly ugly WCW logo up there instead.

In 1999 (or it may have been early in 2000) WCW sent out a CD-ROM to people on their catalog or WCW Magazine mailing lists.

The CD-ROM was labeled “WCW Slam Society”. I guess it was meant to be a Multimedia Fan Club of some kind.

The CD-ROM featured an exclusive match between two mid-carders which took place in an empty studio (hey, just like the AWA Turkey Challenge!) against a blue screen where they inserted cartoony CGI “stuff” in an attempt to make a virtual world. I think it was meant to represent a steel mill or something industrial and “tough” like that.

I wish I had footage or at least some screenshots of that to show you just how silly and strange it looked. It was a little like that scene in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” where the humans interact with Roger and Baby Herman while filming a cartoon.

The CD-ROM also had other multimedia- interview clips, promos for other WCW events, and so on.

As far as I know only two or three of these CD-ROMs were ever produced before the entire concept was abandoned.

Did any of you Crappers have one of these? Do you still have your copy? If you can share some more information about what’s on your disc, I’d appreciate it. Please comment below. Thanks!

UPDATE! Crapper Jacob wrote in the comments:

I got a CD in a 1999 edition of WCW magazine. It had the matches in a weird industrial virtual world, with tall spikes that surround the outside of the ring. I wanna check it out, but the videos use a weird video program that I haven’t been able to get around

And he provided a picture of the “WCW Internet Powerdisk”:

WCW Slam Society Internet Powerdisk

“WCW Cyberring”? That’s a bit too close to “cybering”. Ew…

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