Bash Brick

Yes, WCW sold (or gave away?) a WCW/NWO Bash Brick. Bryan from The WCW Worldwide Blog found it and he writes:

That’s right, an official World Championship Wrestling foam brick… for you and your friends to have hours of… fun with??

It’s a foam brick that you can use…

  1. To hold a door open!
  2. As a unique paperweight
  3. To hit your friends in the head with when you backyard wrestle.
  4. To throw at your TV when watching particularly insipid WWE or TNA shows.

It’s on eBay right now for just $79.99!

You think I’m joking? See for yourself!

WCW NWO Bash Brick eBay screenshot

I like that they describe it as “used”.

“Hey, why is this foam novelty brick all sticky?!”.

Hey, at least the shipping is free!

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