Roddy Piper Tough Talkers Action Figure

R.D just sent this video to me with the following email:

FROM: R.D Reynolds.
TO: The Big Cheese Paul Kraft.
SUBJET: please post and sticky this asap

Sweet Christmas. This is legit the worst ever.

So I knew it had to be something really awful…


You weren’t kidding, boss!

Okay, I get that since he’s dead they can’t bring him in to record lines for this toy, but couldn’t they have just grabbed sound clips from throughout his career and used those instead of hiring someone who sounds nothing like him?

That would have been slightly less disrespectful and… you know… terrible.

This is like when they hired people who sound nothing like Andre The Giant and Ted DiBiase to voice them for the cutscenes for the WWF Superstars arcade game.

“NO ONE CAN BEAT MEGABUGH”.! I bet that URL’s not taken…

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