Rockers Logo T-Shirt

 I want you to try and tear your eyes away from Shawn and Marty’s teal and white Zebra striped pants (!) and check out those shirts with the awesomely-cheesy Rockers logo.

The Rockers WWF shirt logo

 (You can get a replica of the shirt here!).

The shirts would have been silly enough as it is, but they decided to go the extra mile and cut chunks out of the shoulders and arms, and cut the bottom of the shirts into points (?!).

Let’s face facts here, Crappers.

It’s obvious that Shawn and Marty were just trying to look as cool as this man and his trendy fashions…

The Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi trading card

The Brooklyn Brawler!

He’s seen here on his trading card (yes, of course he has a trading card) wearing a fashionably distressed shirt and The Rockers clearly wanted to be as cool and trendy as he is!! I bet that URL’s not taken…

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