Nitro Grill Menu

In his latest induction R.D takes a look at the old!

He wrote:

There’s also a section for the Nitro Grill, but unfortunately, Father Time has not been kind to this area as we get lots of broken links and missing images. So while we do find out that a Goldberger is essentially a one-way trip to the hospital for under $10…

…I still lack the photographic evidence I’ve long searched for proving that I once had a Booker T Bone with a side of Onion Rings of Saturn.

One day. One day.

R.D, that day is today!

Here’s the complete WCW Nitro Grill menu courtesy of The WCW Worldwide blog!

And yes, there really was a Booker T-Bone steak. Here’s the proof!

WCW Nitro Grill Booker T-Bone Steak

You can check out the entire menu right here!

WCW Nitro Grill ad

Apparently the food was actually pretty good and reasonably priced- a true rarity for these theme restaurants!

Of course that didn’t stop them from losing money and going out of business in less than two years despite being in a high-traffic tourist area… because WCW.

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