Show Down Action Playset

I just found this Wrestling Showdown Action Playset on eBay and had to share with you Crappers!

WCW Wrestling Showdown Action Playset 2

Look! It includes

An Electronic Voice Belt with Tuff Talk Voices with the 9-volt battery included! What a steal!

2 WCW Wristbands in case your wrists get really sweaty?.

An Official WCW Membership Card. Not a Fan Club membership card, you’ll notice- just a WCW Membership Card. Apparently all you need to become a wrestler in WCW is to buy this dress-up set! That explains so very much about some of the wrestlers WCW had on board throughout the years…

A WCW Headband- because nothing says “I swing both ways” like a headband!

With this set you can pretend to be.. uh… yourself wearing WCW-branded gear as Lex Luger yells at you by speaking from your crotch region as you wear the magical talking belt and a headband that makes you look like a reject from Wham!! I bet that URL’s not taken!

(At least I hope to Horowitz it isn’t…).

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