Mean Gene Okerlund LJN “Manager” Action Figure

Our friends at LJN seem to think that Mean Gene Oklerlund is a manager.

If I’m a wrestler, do I really want Gene Okerlund managing my career and giving me career advice and guidance?

“Gene, I have to face Hulk Hogan for the title tonight! You’re my manager so what’s the best strategy to avoid the leg drop and beat him?”

WCW Hotline Mean Gene Okerlund

“I can’t tell you here, but call the hotline at 1-900-RIP-U-OFF for the latest scoop! Just $9.99 a minute! Kids, get your parents’ permission before calling!”

“Yeah, thanks a load, Gene… I’m just going to go hit the rowing machine for awhile and re-evaluate my career choices”.

Anyway, why do they have Gene doing the “I don’t know” shrug?

Mean Gene Oklerlund LJN figure high resolution photo

Can anyone tell me?


You’re no help, dude.

By the way, is Gene the one who taught you to do that, Mr. Rock?

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