John Cena Sweatband Set

I saw this John Cena “throwback” sweatband and wristbands set on the WWE Shop.

I assume they call it “throwback” because if someone gives it to you as a gift, the only appropriate thing to do with such an ugly, tacky gift is to throw it back at them!

Seriously- Aqua blue, gold, and red?!

Even by 80’s Aerobic fashion standards, that’s a no-no.

Even¬†Richard Simmons would take one look at these and say “Oh honey, no! That’s just too loud! Tone it down!”

Richard Simmons Sweatin' To The Oldies 3 VHS video box

I have to admit I would love to see R.D wear this sweatband set during his weekly pilgrimage to Planet Fitness to work on the trusty ol’¬†Donkey Kong Machine!

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