John Cena Shampoo And Batista Showergel

From loyal Crapper Richard Gallen: “My name is Richard Gallen, I’m 19 years old and I live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I recently came across this and was wondering if you could mention it on your site.”

RD: I must quote the Euroshopzone here:

“After a long WWE style workout this WWE Shampoo and Showergel set is the perfect remedy for those aching muscles. So whether it is the Cola scented shampoo or the Bubblegum scented showergel, you’ll be smelling fresher than one of Ric Flairs 100,000 dollar suits!”

Who knew that Ric Flair’s suits smelled like COLA AND BUBBLEGUM? No wonder all the pretty ladies want to ride Space Mountain. Woooo!

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