Jerry The King Lawler Wrestle America Magazine

Jerry The King Lawler Whopper

Jerry Lawler Wrestle America magazine

For many young fans that only knew WWF, Jerry The King Lawler’s appearances on Monday Night Raw were the first time they had ever seen the legendary wrestler. They did not know about his bloody battles, his wild angles, and infamous interviews. All they knew was that he was a loud-mouthed jerk that everyone derisively called “Burger King“. It even got to the point where fans would wear those Burger King paper crowns to shows.

Wrestle America Magazine took that nickname and ran with it, placing Jerry The King Lawler’s head on a bun. While the low-quality and generally perplexed look on Lawler’s face reduces the general grimness of a professional wrestler’s head served as a meal, it’s still something to behold. It’s not exactly Hulk Hogan’s head impaled on Kamala’s spear, but it’s up there.

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