JBL Fishing Lure

Fellow Crapper Pump Daddy writes: “I was walking through a local sporting goods store and this thing caught my eye. Now I know that JBL is the best Champion to come along since Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, and he gives better investment advice than Merrill Lynch, but I didn’t know until now that he could help me catch boat loads of fish!! What a guy that JBL is!! I now am fishing with the Tag Team Partner of John Bradshaw Layfield! Just like the front of the card says! And the back of the card reads: “In East Texas Jester and Cotton Layfield constructed a lure during the Depression which came to be known as the Layfield Lure.

As with most good things, word spread and this bass lure found its way to devout anglers far and wide over the next thirty years. The tradition of the Layfield Lure lives on today in a descendant of the Layfields, Storm Pro Staffer extraordinaire John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, better known to the modern world as JBL of World Wrestling Entertainment fame. Together JBL and Storm have worked together to revive the lure.” I just hope when I get to try this thing out this spring it doesn’t suck as bad as ol’ JBL does in the ring!”

RD: If it IS the fishing lure equivalent to the WWE JBL, maybe the fish just laugh themselves right into your boat? I mean, if I was a large mouth bass, just seeing that GIANT HAND would make me pee my…uh…lake, I guess.

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