Iron Sheik “I Got Humbled By The Iron Sheik” T-Shirt

Crapper Paul S. found this Iron Sheik shirt on the official WWE Shop that says “I Got Humbled By The Iron Sheik”.

He writes:

Uh… do they know what this means?

Either WWE doesn’t know what that means and they’re idiots who decided to slap it on a t-shirt without any thought…

Or they do know what that means and they think fans are stupid enough to buy this.

I’m not sure which is worse.

Either way, I can’t believe this exists and I don’t know why anyone would wear it in public.

Or even in private.

Even the biggest Iron Sheik fan/masochist with no shame about how they present themselves to others would be like “Nah, I think I’ll buy one of those John Cena “Never Give Up” shirts instead…”.

I’m terrified to ask where the camel fits into the “humbling”…

They’ve since removed the shirt from the WWE Shop so maybe somebody smartened them up…

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