Wrestling Trivia Game

Crapper Vincent Besse writes:

Today I found this World Wrestling Federation trivia game from 1997! No idea why a WWF product from 1997 uses the old logo instead of the New Generation logo…anyway, it’s a basic trivia game, but to paraphrase Kevin Nash, I’m not here to play.

Because you see…this trivia game (which, despite being from 1997, has Diesel on the cover) has a whiff of the Crap!

Here’s Diaper-Head Aldo Montoya on one side of the box…

WWF Trivia Game 1997 2

And on another, Phil LaFon! Who, due to my complete lack of familiarity with him, I mistook for a random jobber.

WWF Trivia Game 1997 3

The real Crap comes inside the box, though. There are various wrestler cards, but I picked out all the crappiest ones, just for you! I had no idea Papa Shango was in the WWF in 1996 or 97.

WWF Trivia Game 1997 4 WWF Trivia Game 1997 5 WWF Trivia Game 1997 6

Not only were there the cards that actually went with the game, but somehow some WCW cards from 1998 made their way into the box, and boy are they WrestleCrap! Check out this lineup! (Not that I’d tell Scott Norton he’s WrestleCrap to his face, that picture makes him look terrifying!)

WWF Trivia Game 1997 7 WCW NWO trading cards 1 WWF Trivia Game 1997 8 WCW NWO trading cards 2 WWF Trivia Game 1997 9 WCW NWO trading cards 3 WWF Trivia Game 1997 10 WCW NWO trading cards 4

For only two dollars, this trivia game was well worth it for the comedic value alone, and I can entertain my friends with obscure questions about the New Generation era!

Wow, Vincent! That’s very cool! It’s a virtual cornucopia of Crap!

That was well worth the two bones!

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