Illustrated Catfight Books

Winner Take All: A bargain at twice the price, with over 80 action-packed illustrations plus text! Witness hairpulling, punching, kicking and breast clawing action from start to finish. 6 stories in one book! A must for catfight fans who like their action down and dirty!”

RD: “Breast clawing action?” And TEXT?! Hot damn tamale, that IS a bargain at twice the price!

Rip Roaring Catfights: A sizzling smorgasbord of catfight action. An unbelievable ten separate girl fight stories filled with some of the best hairpulling, kicking, puching catfight illustrations ever to come off the talented pens of Stanton, Eneg, and Glen. Over 100 eye-popping illustrations!

RD: Well, ok, as long as GLEN is on the case…

Collectors Cartoon Classics: 7 cartoon features by ENEG. The action-packed stories are: Boots and Battle; The Fighters; Dark Conquest; Husband Beater; La Able Amazon; Rags and Riches Rumble. A collector’s dream come true!”

RD: Sure, the selling point of this book is Boots and Battle, but I am glad to see Husband Beater getting its fair shake too.

Book of Battling Teens: Jam-packed with graphic fights between aggressive teenage beauties. Featured is a most savage and erotic catfight, “Teenage Tigress,” with 13 full-page illustrations plus 8 pages of text. Also included is “Teacher’s Pet” and the face sitting classic “Four Teens Fight.””

RD: I’ve spent hours trying to come up with a funny way to end this update, but truly there are no words in the English language that can top “face sitting classic,” so I won’t even try.

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