Hunter Hearst Helmsley T-Shirt

Fellow Crapper Little Louie P writes: “While throwing away most of my wrestling magazines earlier today, I came across a couple of WWF catalogs with six product features that I wanted to send your way; you might get some Someone Bought This entries out of them. This shirt from HHH’s Connecticut Blueblood days has a motto on the back that is remarkably prescient about Hunter’s later ethics: “On your rise to power, step on everyone! You’re not coming back down!” Nice typo too.

There was also an ad for the $95 + shipping SNES Royal Rumble game, but you’ve inducted a similar one already so I haven’t sent it. This one had Razor Ramon and a toothpick-chomping kid playing the game with 8-bit NES controllers.”

RD: Ok, I seriously cannot believe for even one second that a single person bought this shirt. Will anyone fess up? And better yet, send us a picture of themselves with it on (so we can ridicule you justly)?

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