Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill

Fellow Crapper Sam H writes: Ok, when George Foreman brought out a grill it was original, different, even unique…but now there are 100 of these things on the market and look who is cashing in! I sense a hissy fit coming when annual reports show that he failed to out-sell Foreman though. That’s when Ed Leslie can do his hanger on bit and suggest to Hogan he needs to sell it as “the best way to cook your Beef-Steak” complete with an Ed Leslie stamp of approval. I’m sure if our pal John Tenta was still with us he’d also see an opportunity to promote snake burgers through this device!

RD: That thing’s still around? I remember writing about that in the WrestleCrap Book of Lists! It ranked number 2 on our list of…The Four Greatest Items Wrestlers Have Ever Attempted to Pawn Off on Fans – Via the INFOMERCIAL:

“2. A Grill that Looks Just Like the George Foreman Grill, but One That Is Somehow A Million Times Better: Pity poor Hulk Hogan. While he is arguably the most famous wrestler who ever lived, he is a man who simply doesn’t have the best of timing. Sadly, he missed out on the largest single money making opportunity of his lifetime. For when the inventors of what would become the George Foreman grill came up with their earth shattering, fat reducing creation (one which involved, now try to follow us here, a slanted grill so that the fat cooked off and slid away), they didn’t want that old, bald, washed-up boxer; they wanted that old, bald, washed-up wrestler. Sadly, when they called him, he was at the grocery, and they called up Foreman instead. That’s right, they didn’t leave a message, or call his agent, or attempt to contact him on another day. They just assumed that if he was unable to take their call, this meant he was uninterested in their product. (Don’t ask us for the details, they change every time Hogan tells the story.) Having missed out on the grill, Hogan charged on undeterred, and sold a mixer instead, the Thunder Mixer, to be precise. This mixer was so powerful that, according to the instructions, it could not be used to mix ice. It may shock you to learn that a mixer unable to crush ice failed miserably. Hulk contemplated what to do about this missed opportunity for years, before finally coming up with a solution: create the Hulk Hogan grill. Now this grill may have looked exactly like the Foreman grill, but this one was a million times better, and he explained how with a handy, dandy infomercial. And what was that advantage? Well, according to the Hulkster, his grill could also be used to make waffles. Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of 55 million Foreman grills being thrown in the dumpster!”

I am saddened I didn’t see these products that were allegedly made on the grill prior to writing that:

I bet we would have sold 10,000,000 more copies if I replaced the word “waffles” with “smiley face cookies.”

Regardless, you should pick up a copy or 12 of the book by clicking, oh yes, rightchere!

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