Hulk Hogan Socker Bopper

Have you ever wanted to punch Hulk Hogan right in his stupid face?

Sure, we all have!

Now you have your chance with this TNA Hulk Hogan bop bag!

Pretend you’re Randy Savage circa 1989 and beat Hulk Hogan into a pulp in a jealous rage when you have paranoid delusions about him stealing “your” Miss Elizabeth!

Or you could pretend that you’re Little Mac and Hulk is Glass Joe.

Doc says “Buy The WrestleCrap Archives today, Mac!” (we promise it’s way cooler than the Nintendo Fun Club).

Or just get revenge on Hulk for holding down your favorite wrestler (if you have a favorite wrestler, odds are pretty good that Hulk held him down and some point).

Buy one today and help support WrestleCrap in the process.

Because it’s your duty as a wrestling fan and as a Crapper to take out all your aggressions on Hulk Hogan (or an inflated facsimile of him, anyway).

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