Hulk Hogan Customized Autographed Baseball Bat

Hulk Hogan NWO signed baseball bat 2

While browsing around I came across this signed and customized Hulk Hogan baseball bat, listed as an NWO bat. 

Um, didn’t the NWO use metal baseball bats?

Anyway, let’s see how much this sucker will set you back.

I’m sure it’s only a couple hundred bucks, right?

Hulk Hogan NWO baseball bat website listing


And there are only two of these customized Hulk Hogan autographed baseball bats in the world?

That means that for a lousy $20,000 investment, I can corner the market on autographed Hulk Hogan baseball bats!

They’re sure to skyrocket in value just like those collectable Franklin Mint Gone With The Wind plates I bought 25 years ago off the TV!

If I may quote Mr. J. Clampett for a moment…. WhOO DOGGIES!

Now where’d I put my Visa card? I got me some investing to do!

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