Goldberg Bumper Sticker

Fellow Crapper Shawn writes: “‘I found 2 of these bumper stickers for $1 each in a bargain bin at a bookstore and was compelled to buy them both.

I still have my car.”

RD: Goldberg bumper stickers? BAH. Only WCW could have blown a golden opportunity like this. I mean, come on…if you’re doing a WCW bumper sticker, there’s only one thing it should say: “My other car is a white hummer.”

Remember, kids – no matter how stupid this week’s item may have been, no matter how much of a fool you feel like for perhaps owning what we’ve written about above, you’ll never be as much of a loser as RD and Blade are. After all, they shelled out $200 for this Katie Vick cheerleader outfit.

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