Sting Starrcade 97 T-Shirt

WCW Worldwide Blog owner Bryan was sent this unreleased WCW Sting shirt from the artist who drew it.

It was going to be made to promote the Sting/Hollywood Hogan match at Starrcade ’97.

I’m really torn with this one, Crappers.

On one hand, the artwork is very nice and I like the black/white/grey/purple color combination the artist went with.

So the front of the shirt looks awesome!

On the other hand, the back of the shirt features that stupid whiney emo poem that the kid read when Sting carried around the vulture at that one Clash Of The Champions in 1996.

(For extra fun, read this in your best Torgo impersonation voice).

WCW Sting Starrcade poem shirt 2

Did Sting spill Dr Pepper on his keyboard or something?

That reads like something a moody 15 year old girl would write in her diary in the middle of 5th period English class!

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