Fan Club Application 1989/90

Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula has a new article about vintage mail-away ads in Boys’ Life magazine which is a ton of fun to read. It happens to include amongst the ads an application for the 1989/1990 WWF Fan Club seen above.

Just $9.95 + $1.25 Shipping And Handling for all that fantastic stuff? What an awesome deal! I guess this is a perk of being a Scout (or a Boys’ Life reader, anyway).

I especially want the “WWF Fan On Board” sign.

“Hey, you should be extra careful driving around me! I’m an official member of the WWF Fan Club, don’t you know?”.

This must have been the year just before they started including those awesome cassettes with wrestlers’ theme music on them.

Also; there was an ALF Fan Club? Sweet! Why was I not informed of this in 1989?! That’s not quite as cool as the Nintendo Power Patches, but it comes close.

Were any of you Crappers ever a member of the WWF Fan Club? What kind of cool stuff did you get when you joined? Let us know in the comments section below!

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