Dixie Carter “Dixieland” T-Shirt

You too can own this Dixie Carter “Dixieland” shirt (or “Dixie Land” if you’re going by the actual shirt logo design) for just $24.99.

TNA Dixieland Dixie Carter shirt large picture

They really should have put “Oh I Wish I Was In Dixie. Hooray! Hooray!” on the back of it.

That would’ve been a License To Print Money(™) for sure!

The same people who’d buy this probably also bought the Dixie Carter figure. 

Hey, instead of buying this stupid Dixie Carter t-shirt, why not buy yourself access to The WrestleCrap Archives instead?

It’s cheaper, funnier, and best of all unlike this shirt, The WrestleCrap Archives won’t shrink in the laundry!

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