Decapitated Wrestling Figure Heads

Oh, the humanity. This week’s tragic Someone Bought This is 200 times more twisted than the ending of Brad Pitt’s movie, Seven. Up for auction on eBay recently was Al Snow’s fantasy…or Jeffrey Dahmer’s wet dream…200 bodyless WWE Jakks action figure heads.

How could one demented action figure customizer cause so much carnage? It’s almost sick to think of the perverted joy this murderer got, hacking off the skulls of everyone from Triple H to Tommy Dreamer. Do you think he possibly received sexual pleasure out of all this genocide?

Water spots, my ass. Poor Carlito and Smash totally have their heads in someone’s DNA right there. Note to the little fishies in the pic that you can’t see but are there: that’s a member of Demolition’s head, not an ovum. Better luck next time.

As if 200 disembodied heads (some potentially spunked on) weren’t enough to seal the deal, right before the end of the auction, the seller added some bonus heads.

I’m speechless. But not as speechless as when I found out the winning bid was for over $200.00 plus shipping. I guess good ol’ Al wasn’t just rattling off a wrestling catchphrase all these years. He was speaking the truth..

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