Carlito Wig

Where to even begin with this one? I think I will let the product description speak for itself:

“You really want to be cool? Part of achieving the intense levels of coolness that only Carlito has been able to attain thus far lies within one’s hairstyle. Can anybody else wear the trademark locks of Carlito quite like the Caribbean Superstar? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, there’s never any harm in trying! Fans of this brash competitor can now emulate the most recognizable “do” in sports-entertainment history by throwing on the Carlito wig and instantaneously increase their cool factor by leaps in bounds in the process! There’s no hotter place to be on a Monday Night than right in the middle of “Carlito’s Cabana,” so be sure to demonstrate a proper style to attend the festivities! 9.85” diameter. Adjustable to fit most heads. Imported.”

I could probably write a book about the absurdity of trying to be cool by wearing a Carlito wig, but honestly, it’s on clearance…and I need a wig so I can do my Dixie Carter bit at the Roast, so yee haw for me!

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