Brock Lesnar Action Figure

Crapper Milan Vasi writes:

Hey Paul, so I was at Dollar Tree here in Hamilton,ON Canada ( home of the crappy WWE toys ) and these were fresh out of the box and on the shelf. Featuring Roman Reigns,John Cena, The Undertaker and………..HEIDENREICH???????? ( well Brock Lesnar but my god if that isn’t a HEIDENREICH figure then I don’t know what is)

These craptastic figures will only cost $1.50 for you fellow Canucks out there. So start hunting now.

wwe-canadian-ages-3-roman-reigns-figure wwe-canadian-ages-3-john-cena-figure wwe-canadian-ages-3-four-figures wwe-canadian-ages-3-figures-back

Wow! It really does look like him!


But mostly all of those figures look like healed burn victims.

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