Wild Cat Willie Trading Card

WCW Wild Cat Willie trading card

Again from The Wrestling Card Collector’s Page comes this Wild Cat Willie (“W.C.W”- get It?) trading card from this line of WCW Main Event Trading Cards put out in 1995.

If Mr. Willie (boy, that sounds wrong) doesn’t look familiar; it’s because he was the mascot WCW used to bring out before WCW Worldwide and Saturday Night tapings would start to amp up the crowd.

He’d run around! He’d jump on a trampoline! But mostly he’d be really annoying.

Yes, WCW made a mascot for children that was so hideous and frightening that it was sure to scare the crap out of them!

That’s kind of the opposite of the effect you want a mascot to have, isn’t it?…

Sadly, due to budget cutbacks, Wild Cat Willie was put down in the late 90’s.

But not before he got his own t-shirt!

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