Assorted WWF 90s Crap

Crapper Dusty Cappel writes:

I went to my dad’s house and decided to go through some of my old wrestling things from when I was a kid. I have got through 4 of the 12 totes and decided to share some of the items with you for somebody bought this.

1st pic is the wwf fanny pack, ultimate warrior wallet and not one but two coin purses.

WWF Legion Of Doom WWF Fan Friendship Bracelet Bracelets 90's stuff from Dusty 2

2nd pic is a legion of doom and #1 wwf fan friendship bracelet.

Wow! It’s a cavalcade of early-90’s crap!

I love that a bad-ass team like The Road Warriors got turned into The Legion Of Doom and had a Friendship Bracelet (!) and then later on a dummy named Rocco.

That Ultimate Warrior wallet is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

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