Someone Bought This: You can’t see your money in this scary John Cena bank

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John Cena bootleg bank

From the awesome Knockoffs & Bootlegs blog comes this bootleg John Cena bank.

Gah! He looks like he got stung on the face by a bunch of angry bees released by Mr. Burns and had a really bad allergic reaction that made his face swell up like Eric Bischoff’s ego!

He looks like his mom should be circa 1985 Biker Cher!

The Michael Myers mask look is so not working for Johnny Boy.

Halloween Michael Myers

I wish I couldn’t see this ugly thing!

Even Dora The Explorer looks horrified to be anywhere near him!

“Just let me go back to my map and Boots The Monkey and leave me alone!”.

Check out the Bootlegs And Knockoffs blog for more fascinating, weird stuff like this.

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: You can’t see your money in this scary John Cena bank"
  1. John C says:

    Or this could be a tie in to the new WWE Film, Dumbella. It’s about a supernatural piggy bank that can only posess the soul of a part time WWE Superstar, Brother Love will be called upon to perform an exorcism.

  2. Sean Wilkinson says:

    The derpface is the worst feature, but the stooped shoulders and strangely “cut” biceps comes a close second.

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