Someone Bought This: WWE Zombie Superstars Halloween Bag

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Maybe I’m being overly-sensitive but with the number of wrestlers who really have died over the years for various reasons, this bag featuring current WWE Superstars as decomposing Zombies is just a bit morbid and creepy.

But hey, there’s a buck to be made from the gruesome imagery, so “why not?” says WWE’s marketing department.

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21 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWE Zombie Superstars Halloween Bag"
  1. Tony Wilson says:

    AJ doesn’t even look like a zombie, she just looks dirty and strung-out, like Kristen Stewart.

  2. Luchaporn says:

    I like that Alberto is holding Ricardo’s head.

  3. Get Glue was giving away WWE zombie stickers of various wrestlers around Halloween. I got Randy Orton . That’s the Charlie Brown equivalent of getting a rock. Not THE Rock mind you.

  4. Rick C says:

    I hear Cena Zombie no sells gunshots to the head.

  5. TrenWolfman says:

    Even when he’s undead, Cena still no-sells with a smirk on his face.

  6. me says:

    To paraphrase one of the best movies of all time, “I think Marvel comics is going to sue somebody.” Crickets chirp while two people get the reference.

  7. Rick C says:

    Imagine how slow Great Khali zombie would walk.

  8. No Pants Mafia says:

    I’d totally buy that for a kid to go trick or treating with.

  9. A WWE Zombies bag that doesn’t feature the ECW Zombie?!? What a rip-off!

  10. 80's Guy says:

    I actually bought two of these bags. I was buying a couple clearance shirts during a free shipping thing, and was shy of the, I think, $25 bucks I needed to hit free shipping. So I looked around for something that was on sale super cheap and got two at .50 apiece.

    Still have them, too. One is currently holding my son’s Imaginext collection of figures and such.

  11. 80's Guy says:

    By the by, it’s awful funny that back in the Attitude Era people raised a stink over Al Snow’s action figure with a MANNEQUIN head, but now it’s “Hey, a severed Ricardo head in ADR’s hand? No problem!”

  12. jjcoop86 says:

    Didn’t we just see t-shirts of Zombie wrestlers just days ago. Those were cool. What’s the difference? Oh WWE gets the money that is the difference…

  13. AdamX says:

    Zombie Big Show will never be without his beloved HAM again…it just screams when you bite it now

  14. John C says:

    If Daniel Bryan were a zombie would he stay being a vegan?

    • Drew says:

      Hmmmm …. Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, vegan, poontang pie … there’s a joke in there someplace, I just need to iron out the details.

      • Velvet Al says:

        “I may be a vegan, but I wouldn’t mind a slice of pigeon pie” – Austin Aries, taunting Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky on an episode of Impact

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