Someone Bought This: This Rikishi shirt is just ass!

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Rikishi Back Dat Ass Up shirt

Rikishi dancing is fun.

Rikishi shoving his ass into guys’ faces however is not fun.

This shirt, featuring “Back Dat Ass Up!” and Rikishi’s ass on it is so tacky and embarrassing that even destitute children in Third World countries would turn it down if they were given it in a Care Package and say “No, thanks. I’m fine, really…”.

Because even starving children in Ethiopia have standards.

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: This Rikishi shirt is just ass!"
  1. Art Crow says:

    Yeah, starving children would not even eat this shirt.

  2. Hulk6785 says:

    Someone was tasked with coming up with a Rikishi shirt, and the best idea he or she had for it was to put Rikishi’s ass on it. AND, it was approved!!!! This got the green light! Factories made this shirt! This shirt put people’s kids through college! This is the insane world we live in!

  3. Chris The Bambikiller says:

    I have no proof, but I’m 100% convinced Vince foundt this shirt hilarious.

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