Someone Bought This: NWA Gladiator #1 trading card

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NWA Gladiator trading card


Crapper Douglas Corti writes:

And much like with the Trent Knight and Cougar Jay cards, I am the one who will shamefully admit to buying this. At least the back doesn’t share with us as to who his favourite actress is.

Even though we all know Gladiator #1 was a Markie Post kinda guy.

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: NWA Gladiator #1 trading card"
  1. John C says:

    Is this from 1988 like the Cougar Jay card? It’s the ref’s outfit that seems so bizzare. He looks like a manager of a low rent fast food place doing a run in or it’s Dennis Stamp practicing in case The Funker calls him up for a gig. Really if the crowd is screaming during this match they’re saying, “Boring” or, “Refund”.

  2. Drew B says:

    That’s a good point – like a TheChive “Find Her” post. Who is Gladiator #1? is it Ricky Hunter?

  3. TMM says:

    No personal info on Gladiator II , always wondered where a guy dressed like him would take his vacation ?

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