Wrestler (2 Pieces)

Crapper Matt Ridgeway writes:

Here are couple of things I would like to contribute to my favorite wrestlecrap feature, someone bought this. One is a rad pair of knockoffs, they come packaged in a box and one has an onion head. They each have a belt, one belt is missing the sticker, the other has a crooked sticker application. Out of all the wrestling knockoffs I have found these are the best.

The other item is a signed Billy Standridge WCW Nascar glossy photo. I got it at a nascar race with my dad back in the mid 90’s. Met Billy and everything. Thought I had lost this ages ago but found it in during a recent move. Hope you enjoy.

Very cool, Matt!

Those figures are interesting and the photo is sure to be a valuable collectable (well, maybe not…).

Bootleg figures Matt Ridgeway 1 Bootleg figures Matt Ridgeway 2 Bootleg figures Matt Ridgeway 3 WCW Racing promotional photo Matt Ridgeway

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