Someone Bought This: Maven’s WWF contract

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WWF Maven Contract

Crapper Chris Smith writes:

I was just surfing eBay, and I came across Maven’s original WWE contract for sale. I remember you posting about the Tough Enough trophy that was on there a few months ago, and I think whoever bought that should buy this too as it is an almost perfect compliment to that overpriced paperweight!

I think $999.99 is a tad steep though, and it looks like someone placed an offer on it a while back…I’m curious as to what offer was turned down for it.

I’m sure there’s a wealthy die-hard Maven fan out there who will buy this…

Probably not more than one, but there’s got to be one out there somewhere!

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18 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Maven’s WWF contract"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    and now Maven’s selling crap on the Shopping Network, I think

  2. gutterhippo says:

    What makes this even more preposterous is that it’s not even the original, it’s “a photocopy”! For $999.99!

  3. Bone white says:

    Indeed and what can you do with it anyway – Tippex out his name and put yours in instead?

  4. John says:

    Or for a real hoot cross out the m and put in a r, so you can give Raven a new contract. Or cross out the ven and put in bel and taa-dahhhhhhh Mabel is back on the roster.

    • Doc 902714 says:

      Or you could remove “Maven” altogether and replace with “Booker”. So that line reads Booker Huffman and surprise you’ve just signed Booker T to contract extension. Now CAN YOU DIG THAT!!

    • Bone white says:

      Fair enough…just to imagine Vince’s face when he finds out he’s re-signed Shane Douglas

  5. I’d pay $999 to have his Dropkick.

  6. ScMcS says:

    Maven was already working WWE shows in the Winter of 2001/2002 (2002 Rumble being his first PPV appearance, I believe), so technically this wasn’t his original contract. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I want my $999.99 back!

    • ScMcS says:

      Nevermind, I forgot, this is just the memo informing whoever that the original copy is attached… I’ll throw myself through a table for it.

  7. Fraz S says:

    Did you notice that there are apparently X-Rays of his from a storage auction as one of the other auctions in the also viewed section… am not sure at even $40 that you can be a big enough Maven fan to ever want to see his x-rayed elbow

  8. Brad says:

    “I have money to burn, and I missed the boat to spoon with Sunny in a bed, so I bought a copy of a contract of an obscure and mostly forgotten mid-carder…..go me”

    • John says:

      Well perhaps you be interested in a $1,250 vhs of the Mind Games PPV that someone is selling on E-Bay, quite a bargain since the HBK-Mankind main event has been put out on only 25-30 DVD compilations already. Maybe if we all chip in we get a Miz termination of contract notice.

  9. AdamX says:

    I’d pay $5 for his eyebrows.

  10. Jimbolian says:

    What’s next? Maven hawking several pieces of popcorn covered in his blood when Taker slammed him through the popcorn machine at Royal Rumble 2002?

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