Someone Bought This: Big shirt… little wrestlers!

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Champion Midget Wrestling shirt 1Champion Midget Wrestling shirt 2Champion Midget Wrestling shirt 3

I found this XXXL (!) sized Champion Midget Wrestling shirt on and I have so many thoughts about this.

1. It amuses me greatly that it’s a midget wrestling shirt that happens to be Extra Extra Extra Large sized.

2. Who are the three midget wrestlers that autographed this thing? And how much do they weigh? (Sorry, I had an Art Donovan moment there…).

3. Why does it say “Obama Got Osama” on the back? What does that have to do with midgets, wrestling, or midgets wrestling? Is The President a fan of midget wrestling? Are the midget wrestlers big Obama fans? I don’t get it…

Anyway, if this shirt intrigues you, bid now! But hurry, the auction ends in a day! Time is short, and so are these wrestlers!

(“Will you stop?!”).

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  1. John C says:

    You already dwarfed anything I could say about this. The political message seems out of place and I thought most of the little people would be members of The Teaspoon Party anyways.

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