Someone Bought This: Adam Bomb “Bomb Squad” shirt

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Adam Bomb Bomb Squad shirt

Adam Bomb was a heel whose gimmick was that.. um. .. he survived a nuclear explosion (or something).

Then he turned face, threw little Nerf football “bombs”…

…into the audience, and got his own “Bomb Squad” t-shirt.

I guess his fans were called The Bomb Squad? I don’t really remember that, but whatever.

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Adam Bomb “Bomb Squad” shirt"
  1. Derek says:

    Truly ahead of his time the real Fallout 1

  2. Bob McNeary says:

    I’d actually really like one of these.

  3. Andre Reichenbacher says:

    I was a fan of Bryan Clark as Adam Bomb, as a teenager I thought he was cool. The problem was that the WWE bookers didn’t seem to like him and he went nowhere, both as a heel and a face. I looked him up and I totally forgot he was in the AWA, WCW and Smoky Mountain before WWE. He went back to WCW in 1997 and became Wrath, then later teamed with Brian “Crush” Adams in Kronik. He retired in 2003. And I don’t remember the T-shirt or the Nerf “bombs”!

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